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Are you looking for a career that will allow you to truly make an impact in people’s lives? If so, United Allergy Services is the place for you!

User-added imageUnited Allergy Services is an innovative enterprise that offers an advanced and proven technology to relieve most forms of allergies and sensitivities. We are currently in the process of building unique, effective, efficient, and economical solutions for our clients and are looking for talented employees to support those efforts.
Our working environment is just as unique as the solutions we provide to our patients. We understand that employees have certain expectations - good benefits, interesting work, and the opportunity to grow - to name a few. However, we choose to go above and beyond those expectations, offering not only excellent benefits and growth opportunities, but also the chance to work in an outstanding corporate culture that fosters an environment of communication and collaboration.

In return, we expect our employees to put their best foot forward every day and do everything in their power to help our patients get better and our company succeed. We realize that it’s not always easy to do the right thing and to live out the values that are important to our organization, but this is the type of career where you’re going to get out what you put in.

Our employees are the ones who will ultimately help us succeed and grow, so we’re looking for people who are innovative, creative, and able to adapt to quick and continuous change. If this sounds like you, then check out our current job openings!

"There is no better feeling than knowing you are an important factor to the success of the company. When it comes to the growth potential offered by UAS, no other company offers a comparable benefit. There is no better time to join UAS than the present. You will be welcomed and appreciated by all." - Carter Anderson, Implementation Specialist

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